Thank You

A lot of disparate things had to come together in order for this winery to come into being. Although we are small, it took many, many hands to get it up and running and it takes the love and support (physical, emotional, and financial) of many people, without whom, we would not be making these wines. We have so many people to thank and while we do it in words, words fall so far short of the gratitude we feel.


First and foremost, thank you to Abby Gallagher who slaves away at work and at home while her husband plays with grapes.






Thank you to Barbara and Rocco Sacco who started Song Hill Farm over 30 years ago and have so generously allowed family to utilize it.






Thank you to Will and Janet Gallagher who spend much of their spare time as well as time they don’t have to spare, getting their hands dirty in the winery and chasing around their grandchildren so that this is possible.






Thank you to Patrick, Jessie and Katie Gallagher, who get off work from their real jobs to come and help us, sometimes until very late at night.






Thank you to Jon Bonczyk, Thom Britton & Keith Geiman, Shaun DeJohn, Dan and Sherry Frank, and Terry and Kathy Spangler for your support and volunteer work.


Thank you to Glenn Baker for your invaluable help with all of our crazy and not-so-crazy projects.




Thank you to Katie DeJohn and Allan Miller for your wonderful photography work.





Thank you to our ownership team who not only pledge their financial support to this crazy endeavor, but also spend much of their vacation time working for wine.

Running a small business requires the help of so many other businesses and professionals with the expertise to make things happen. The knowledge, experience, and quality work of the following businesses have made it possible for us to open our doors and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts:

Allan Miller of Allan Miller Photography (585)-568-9411.
Andy, Anne, Sara and the rest of the web team at Astek.
Katie DeJohn of DeJohn Digital Photography.
Glenn Baker of Diligence by Design.
David Matthews of Ink Stain Design for our wonderful logo and labels.
Chris, Ruth, Rob and all of the wonderful people at Label Gallery.
Tracy Jong of Tracy Jong Law Firm.
Peter DeVivi of Winestix.

Certainly this list is incomplete. To all those we’ve missed, we hope that a verbal thank you over a bottle of wine will help us overcome our oversight.

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