Our Growers and Process


Quality grapes are the basis for our wines. Our growers are dedicated to a hands-on approach to viticulture. They carefully tend their vineyards by hand, utilizing sustainable farming methods, ensuring optimal sun and wind exposure, and diligently monitoring vine balance and nutrition. We could not make the high quality wine that we do without their hard work and knowledge. Our grapes are sourced from the following vineyards:


AD Vineyards (Keuka Lake)

Alan Hunt utilizes over 30 years of experience when managing his vineyards. Between his experienced hands, and their location among the rolling hills to the north of Keuka Lake, the vineyard produces fruit of incredible expression. Alan Hunt is also the winemaker at Yates Cellers. You can find his wines at www.yatescellars.com.

Eastside Vineyard (Keuka Lake)Vince D'Ingianni

Vincente D’Ingianni established Eastside Vineyard in the early 1960’s after working with the famous Dr. Konstantin Frank. He and his wife Diana hand-planted the vines and they are among the oldest producing vinifera vines in the Finger Lakes. His joy and passion is evident in the unique quality of his grapes.


new-york-finger-lakes-wineries-16_newHyatt Hill Vineyard (Keuka Lake)

Tom and Marcy Mitchell have been running Pa’tridge Run Farms on Keuka Lake since 1977.  They utilize over 40 years of experience to produce superior quality wine grapes. They also provide grapes, juice, supplies and good advice to amateur winemakers through Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe.


Nutt Road Vineyard (Seneca Lake)Nutt Road Vineyard

Peter Martini manages the family vineyards for Anthony Road Wine Company, including their Nutt Road Vineyard which they began planting in 2002. Peter’s attention to detail and dedication to vine balance allows their vineyards to produce incredible fruit that is renowned throughout the wine world.



White Pine Vineyard (Lake Ontario)

Matt Hanlon and Serena Michels began farming their land in 2009, planting 2200 vinifera vines of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Riesling. Their love and dedication shines through in the quality of their fruit. You can find them at White Pine Vineyard.

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