Fall/Winter 2021

Our first estate wine release!

The Diamond grape is a French-American hybrid that was developed in Brighton, NY in the 1880s by a botanist named Jacob Moore. We first began making sparkling wine out of Diamond in 2013, uniquely producing it in the traditional method (méthode champenoise – the guidelines laid out for producing champagne). In 2014, we began hand planting Diamond on Song Hill Farm with the help of friends and family, continuing through 2017. In 2018, the first vines bore their very first vintage of fruit and we are incredibly grateful to be able to share this, our first estate wine with you.

It has been a seven years of hard work, hand tending the vines, helping them fight off weeds, deer, birds, and other pests. Then harvesting, gently pressing, fermenting, cold stabilizing, bottling and aging this wine. And finally riddling, dosage trials, disgorging, corking, and labelling each bottle. Each bottle will remind us of the amazing journey it took to get here. And with each sip, we are humbled and reminded of our gratitude to all of the friends and family and loyal customers who helped us along the way. Thank you.

More Champagne!

We are also releasing our 2013 Blanc de Noirs – a méthode champenoise sparkling wine made from 73% Cabernet Franc and 27% Pinot Noir. We aged this wine for seven years on the yeast lees before disgorging, allowing the yeast cell walls to break down and release their protein into the wine. This may be one of our best sparkling wines ever! And it is the last unreleased wine from our first full vintage in 2013.

Our Online Store

While our tasting room is closed until spring, our online store is always open! You can choose to ship directly to your door or, as always, swing by the winery to pick up your online purchases.

Planting the Diamond Vines in 2014 on left, Harvesting in 2021 on right.

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