Sparkling Brut Rosé – First Bottling Day

new-york-finger-lakes-wineries-38Today was our very first bottling day! We were very grateful to be able to share that day with family and friends: Patrick and Jessie Gallagher and Shawn and Katie DeJohn. We bottled up 100 cases of the Brut Rosé. Yesterday we added a little yeast and sugar so that it will ferment in bottle creating the beautiful little bubbles that are the signature of a great sparkling wine. After a few weeks we will begin the riddling process of slowly turning the bottles upside down so that all the sediment will move to the neck of the bottle. Once the riddling process is finished we will bring the bottles to a disgorging facility where the tip of the neck containing the sediment will be frozen, the bottles opened and the frozen part or “yeast plug” will be removed. The bottles will then be topped off with a touch of sweetness for balance, then corked and foiled and labeled. We are very excited about this wine – initial tasting trials indicate a nice sparkler bursting with raspberry sorbet.

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